dental implant in Las Vegas

Will Getting a Dental Implant Hurt?

It’s a common question amongst those preparing for the dental implant procedure. Will it hurt? The dentist has earned a rep as someone who causes us a lot of fear and pain so it is only natural we assume this will be no different. So, what’s the truth? Will it hurt to get a dental implant in Las Vegas?

The dentist cuts into your gums to make an incision for the implant. Yes, this is as painful as it sounds but thanks to medicine, you won’t feel a thing. The dentist provides his patient with local anesthesia to numb any potential pain. The dentist then drills a hole into the jawbone, and while this does sound painful it is not. The jaw does not have any nerves, so there is no pain.

Recovering from the implant procedure and surgery can take some time. It is important that you take all the time necessary to recover to ensure optimal oral health and a successful implants procedure. During this time, pain and discomfort might occur. Your dentist will provide a pain reliever or you can choose one from the over-the-counter selection of products.

The dentist also provides patients with a list of things he or she should and should not do during the tooth implant recovery process. For example, you should not drink out of a straw immediately following the procedure. You also should not use traditional toothpaste on an implant to preserve its integrity.

dental implant in Las Vegas

You won’t have a lot of pain during the procedure or the recovery process because medication is there to help. As long as you heed the advice of the dentist and take time to heal property, pain and discomfort are the last concerns that you should have before getting dental implants. They provide you with another reason to smile!